BRAVO 12V Electric Pump

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The BRAVO 12 volt electric pump is a game changer for our inflatable products. Just set the dial to the correct PSI, turn it on and walk away.  The pump will inflate the boats, paddle boards and air pads to the correct PSI every time and shuts off automatically.  NO MORE FOOTPUMPS.  (however you should always take your footpump with you on the boat)

When your product is inflated to correct PSI, push the nozzle in a little bit as you turn it counter clockwise to disconnect it from the valve.


Please refer to the enclosed instruction guide when using the BRAVO on the boats as the side pontoons and air floor require different PSI settings.


The pumps max. out at 15 PSI. For those wanting to go up to a higher PSI on the paddle boards, switch to the hand pump for the extra psi above the 15. We like to pump our boards to 18psi. But this is optional.


Set the dial to 10 PSI, turn it on and let it do its job. 

The BRAVO pump comes with alligator clips designed to clip onto any 12volt battery.  We recommend you purchase a small rechargeable 12v battery directly from a mass merchant store such as Walmart.  By combining our BRAVO pump with a small battery, you can pump up your boats anywhere and not be tied to a vehicle or boat.  

12_v_battery_v1_compact Inflatable Boat Equipment: BRAVO 12V Electric Pump

Note: Color of pump and hose may vary from image on website.